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  • siding
  • livingroom & dining room
  • living room
  • siding and yard for front of property
  • skylight above living room
  • bedroom
  • porch siding 1
  • porch siding 2
  • basement 1
  • basement 2
  • door installation
  • installed door & trim
  • demolished porch and railing
  • finished vinyl railing (side view)
  • finished vinyl railing (front view)
  • finished vinyl railing (front view)
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Services We Offer

Kahen Remodeling is a quality service company, where our philosophy is that the customer is always right. So our number one goal is your satisfaction, guaranteed. This has enabled us to thrive since our company is built on customer referrals, one project at a time.

We work with your budget and schedule and still manage to deliver on time with the highest quality standards because our reputation is everything to us. Most importantly, we understand that every customer needs a professional company that is capable of handling their project from start to finish and works for their best interest. Leave the worry to us.

Below is a list of some of the services we offer:

Metal & Wood Framing Painting - int. & ext. Doors & Windows
Drywall & Spackle Trims & Moldings Venetian Plaster & Faux Finish
Plaster & Skim Coat Porches & Decks Electrical & Plumbing
Flooring Cabinets Siding

Property Management & Maintenance Office Cleaning

Also EPA certified to handle lead

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